We use over 80 years of cumulative experience in large, small and entrepreneurial endeavors, with a unique mix of skills – finance, operations, engineering and marketing – to uncover smaller, but highly profitable opportunities.

We are professional investors and true operators who turn under-managed or under-resourced assets into modern, productive assets.

We are not a fund searching for deployment – by raising for each deal, we can wait for investments that meet our disciplined criteria and return profiles.

  • Brian C. Cullum
    Brian C. Cullum Managing Partner
  • Shawn M. Jones
    Shawn M. Jones Managing Partner

    Shawn leverages nearly 20 years of sales, marketing, and operational experience in the capital marketing to help Wynnova Capital Partners evaluate new investment opportunities and expedite growth of it’s portfolio companies. Previously served as co-portfolio manager for public investment vehicle (Hidden River Capital Partners), VP Biz Dev for a lower-middle market M&A advisory firm (Hidden River Capital), and salesman for Bank Sales Group (Lehman Brothers.)

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